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Abbott, Russ (2015) Causality, computing, and complexity. UNSPECIFIED.

Allori, Valia (2015) How to Make Sense of Quantum Mechanics(and More):Fundamental Physical Theories and Primitive Ontology. [Preprint]

Allori, Valia (2015) Maxwell's Paradox: The Metaphysics of Classical Electrodynamics and its Time Reversal Invariance. [Published Article or Volume]

Allori, Valia (2015) Primitive Ontology in a Nutshell. [Published Article or Volume]

Allori, Valia (2015) Quantum Mechanics and Paradigm Shifts. [Published Article or Volume]

Altschul, Jon (2015) Burge on Perception and the Disjunction Problem. [Published Article or Volume]

Amitani, Yuichi (2015) Prototypical Reasoning about Species and the Species Problem. [Preprint]

Andersen, Holly (2015) Complements, not competitors: causal and mathematical explanations. [Preprint]

Archer, Edward (2015) The Childhood Obesity Epidemic as a Result of Nongenetic Evolution: The Maternal Resources Hypothesis. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Atanasova, Nina (2015) Validating Animal Models. [Published Article or Volume]

Austin, Christopher J. (2015) The Dispositional Genome: Primus Inter Pares. [Preprint]

Azhar, Feraz (2015) Spectra of conditionalization and typicality in the multiverse. [Published Article or Volume]

Azhar, Feraz (2015) Testing typicality in multiverse cosmology. [Published Article or Volume]


Bacciagaluppi, Guido (2015) Einstein, Bohm, and Leggett-Garg. [Preprint]

Baker, David John (2015) The Philosophy of Quantum Field Theory. [Preprint]

Baker, David John (2015) Review of David Albert, After Physics. [Published Article or Volume]

Barrett, Jeffrey A. (2015) On the Evolution of Truth. [Preprint]

Barrett, Jeffrey A. and Skyrms, Brian (2015) Self-Assembling Games. [Preprint]

Barrett, Thomas William and Halvorson, Hans (2015) Morita Equivalence. [Preprint]

Barrett, Thomas William and Halvorson, Hans (2015) Quine's Conjecture on Many-Sorted Logic. [Preprint]

Barrett, Thomas William and Halvorson, Hans (2015) Glymour and Quine on Theoretical Equivalence. [Preprint]

Bartlett, Steven James (2015) THE SPECIES PROBLEM AND ITS LOGIC: Inescapable Ambiguity and Framework-relativity. [Preprint]

Bartol, Jordan (2015) Biochemical Kinds. [Preprint]

Bartol, Jordan and Linquist, Stefan (2015) How do Somatic Markers Feature in Decision Making? [Preprint]

Bauer, Mark (2015) Normative Characterization in Biological and Cognitive Explanations. [Published Article or Volume]

Baxter, Janella (2015) Engineering Novel Proteins with Orthogonal tRNA: Artificial Causes that make a Difference. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Belot, Gordon (2015) Curve-Fitting for Bayesians? [Preprint]

Belot, Gordon (2015) Objectivity and Bias. [Preprint]

Ben-Menahem, Yemima (2015) Nonlocality and the Epistemic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. UNSPECIFIED.

Ben-Menahem, Yemima (2015) Nonlocality and the Epistemic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. UNSPECIFIED.

Benedictus, F. J. (2015) Probability, Logic and Objectivity - The concept of probability of Carl Stumpf. UNSPECIFIED.

Bengoetxea, Juan B. and Roig, Joana M. (2015) David Pérez Chico (coord.). 2013. Perspectivas en la filosofía del lenguaje. [Published Article or Volume]

Bich, Leonardo and Moreno, Alvaro (2015) The role of regulation in the origin and synthetic modelling of minimal cognition. [Published Article or Volume]

Bich, Leonardo and Mossio, Matteo and Ruiz-Mirazo, Kepa and Moreno, Alvaro (2015) Biological regulation: controlling the system from within. [Published Article or Volume]

Biddle, Justin and Leuschner, Anna (2015) Climate Skepticism and the Manufacture of Doubt: Can Dissent in Science be Epistemically Detrimental? [Preprint]

Bodanza, Gustavo Adrián (2015) Abstract Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence. Problems of Interpretation and Adequacy of Semantics for Decision Making. [Published Article or Volume]

Bogen, Jim (2015) Empiricism and After. [Preprint]

Bonder, Yuri and Okon, Elias and Sudarsky, Daniel (2015) Can gravity account for the emergence of classicality? [Published Article or Volume]

Bourrat, Pierrick (2015) Levels, Time and Fitness in Evolutionary Transitions in Individuality. [Published Article or Volume]

Boyer-Kassem, Thomas and Imbert, Cyrille (2015) Scientific collaboration: do two heads need to be more than twice better than one? [Preprint]

Brading, Katherine (2015) Émilie Du Châtelet and the foundations of physical science. [Preprint]

Brigandt, Ingo (2015) Do We Need a 'Theory' of Development? [Preprint]

Brigandt, Ingo (2015) Social Values Influence the Adequacy Conditions of Scientific Theories: Beyond Inductive Risk. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Cable, Kele (2015) The Purposes and Implications of Early Experimental Evolution. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Callaway, H.G. (2015) Fundamental Physics, Partial Models and Time’s Arrow. [Preprint]

Casini, Lorenzo (2015) How to Model Mechanistic Hierarchies. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Castellani, Elena and Ismael, Jenann (2015) Which Curie's Principle. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Caulton, Adam (2015) The Role of Symmetry in the Interpretation of Physical Theories. [Preprint]

Chiribella, Giulio and Scandolo, Carlo Maria (2015) Conservation of information and the foundations of quantum mechanics. [Published Article or Volume]

Chiribella, Giulio and Scandolo, Carlo Maria (2015) Entanglement and thermodynamics in general probabilistic theories. [Published Article or Volume]

Chiribella, Giulio and Scandolo, Carlo Maria (2015) Operational axioms for diagonalizing states. [Published Article or Volume]

Christian, Joy (2015) Macroscopic Observability of Fermionic Sign Changes: A Reply to Gill. [Preprint]

Christian, Joy (2015) A simplified local-realistic derivation of the EPR-Bohm correlation. [Preprint]

Colombo, Matteo (2015) Why Build a Virtual Brain? Large-scale Neural Simulations as Test-bed for Artificial Computing Systems. [Preprint]

Colombo, Matteo and Lai, Jun and Crupi, Vincenzo (2015) Sleeping Beauty goes to the lab: The psychology of self-locating evidence. [Preprint]

Colombo, Matteo and Wright, Cory (2015) Explanatory Pluralism: An Unrewarding Prediction Error for Free Energy Theorists. [Preprint]

Corfield, David Neil (2015) Reviving the Philosophy of Geometry. [Preprint]

Crowther, Karen (2015) Decoupling emergence and reduction in physics. [Preprint]

Curiel, Erik (2015) On the Existence of Spacetime Structure. [Preprint]

Curiel, Erik (2015) A Weyl-Type Theorem for Geometrized Newtonian Gravity. [Preprint]

Curiel, Erik (2015) A Weyl-Type Theorem for Geometrized Newtonian Gravity. [Preprint]


Dardashti, Radin and Hartmann, Stephan and Thebault, Karim P Y and Winsberg, Eric (2015) Confirmation via Analogue Simulation: A Bayesian Analysis. [Preprint]

Dawid, Richard (2015) Bayesian Perspectives on the Discovery of the Higgs Particle. [Preprint]

Dawid, Richard (2015) Modelling Scientific Confirmation. [Preprint]

Dawid, Richard (2015) Turning Norton's Dome Against Material Induction. [Published Article or Volume]

De Donato-Rodríguez, Xavier (2015) Wenceslao J. González (ed.): Bas van Fraassen’s Approach to Representation and Models in Science. [Published Article or Volume]

Dieks, Dennis and van Dongen, Jeroen and de Haro, Sebastian (2015) Emergence in Holographic Scenarios for Gravity. [Published Article or Volume]

Dietrich, Franz and List, Christian (2015) Mentalism versus behaviourism in economics: a philosophy-of-science perspective. [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro (2015) Events and the Ontology of Quantum Mechanics. [Preprint]

Dorato, Mauro (2015) The physical world as a blob: is OSR really realism? [Preprint]

Dougherty, John (2015) A few points on gunky space. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Dunlap, Lucas (2015) The Metaphysics of D-CTCs: On the Underlying Assumptions of Deutsch's Quantum Solution to the Paradoxes of Time Travel. [Preprint]

Dunlap, Lucas (2015) On the Common Structure of the Primitive Ontology Approach and the Information-Theoretic Interpretation of Quantum Theory. [Preprint]

Dunlap, Lucas (2015) Would the Existence of CTCs Allow for Nonlocal Signaling? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Dürr, Patrick (2015) Do Gravitational Waves Carry Energy? -Critique of a Procrustean Practice. [Preprint]

Dürr, Patrick (2015) The Meaning of Relativity and the Liberation of the Relationalists. [Preprint]

da Costa, Newton C. A. and de Ronde, Christian (2015) The Paraconsistent Approach to Quantum Superpositions Reloaded: Formalizing Contradictiory Powers in the Potential Realm. [Preprint]

de Haro, Sebastian (2015) Dualities and Emergent Gravity: Gauge/Gravity Duality. [Published Article or Volume]

de Haro, Sebastian and Mayerson, Daniel and Butterfield, Jeremy (2015) Conceptual Aspects of Gauge/Gravity Duality. [Preprint]

de Ronde, Christian (2015) Hilbert Space Quantum Mechanics is Contextual (Reply to R. B. Griffiths). [Preprint]

de Ronde, Christian (2015) Probabilistic Knowledge as Objective Knowledge in Quantum Mechanics: Potential Powers Instead of Actual Properties. [Preprint]

de Ronde, Christian (2015) Quantum Superpositions Do Exist! But ‘Quantum Physical Reality ≠ Actuality’ (Reply to Dieks and Griffiths). [Preprint]


Eigi, Jaana (2015) On the Social Nature of Objectivity: Helen Longino and Justin Biddle. [Published Article or Volume]

Elga, Adam (2015) Bayesian humility. [Preprint]

Ellerman, David (2015) On Adjoint and Brain Functors (preprint from Axiomathes). [Preprint]

Esfeld, Michael (2015) Bell’s theorem and the issue of determinism and indeterminism. [Preprint]

Esfeld, Michael and Deckert, Dirk-André and Oldofredi, Andrea (2015) What is matter? The fundamental ontology of atomism and structural realism. [Preprint]


Fagan, Melinda B. (2015) Crucial Stem Cell Experiments? Stem Cells, Uncertainty, and Single-Cell Experiments. [Published Article or Volume]

Felline, Laura (2015) Mechanisms meet Structural Explanation. [Preprint]

Fenton-Glynn, Luke (2015) A Proposed Probabilistic Extension of the Halpern and Pearl Definition of 'Actual Cause'. [Preprint]

Franklin, Allan and Perovic, Slobodan (2015) Editors’ Introduction. [Published Article or Volume]

Frapolli, Maria J. (2015) Non-Representational Mathematical Realism. [Published Article or Volume]

French, Steven (2015) Doing Away with Dispositions: Powers in the Context of Modern Physics. [Preprint]

French, Steven (2015) Realism and Its Representational Vehicles. [Preprint]

French, Steven (2015) Response to (Metascience) critics. Springer.

Friederich, S. (2015) Re-thinking local causality. [Published Article or Volume]

Friederich, S. and Lehmkuhl, D. (2015) Particle physics after the Higgs discovery: philosophical perspectives. [Published Article or Volume]

Frigg, Roman and Smith, Leonard A. and Stainforth, David A. (2015) An Assessment of the Foundational Assumptions in High-Resolution Climate Projections: The Case of UKCP09. [Preprint]

Frigg, Roman and Thompson, Erica and Werndl, Charlotte (2015) Philosophy of Climate Science Part I: Observing Climate Change. [Published Article or Volume]

Frigg, Roman and Thompson, Erica and Werndl, Charlotte (2015) Philosophy of Climate Science Part II: Modelling Climate Change. [Published Article or Volume]

Frost-Arnold, Greg (2015) Should a Historically Motivated Anti-Realist be a Stanfordite? [Preprint]


Gambini, Rodolfo and Pullin, Jorge (2015) The Montevideo Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: a short review. [Preprint]

Gao, Shan (2015) Reality of the quantum state: A new proof in terms of protective measurements. [Preprint]

Gao, Shan (2015) What does it feel like to be in a quantum superposition? [Preprint]

Gao, Shan (2015) An argument for psi-ontology in terms of protective measurements. [Preprint]


Gijsbers, Victor (2015) Can Probabilistic Coherence be a Measure of Understanding? [Published Article or Volume]

Giovanelli, Marco (2015) ‘. . . But I Still Can’t Get Rid of a Sense of Artificiality’: The Reichenbach-Einstein Debate on the Geometrization of the Electromagnetic Field. [Preprint]

Giovanelli, Marco (2015) Hermann Cohen’s Das Princip der Infinitesimal-Methode: The History of an Unsuccessful Book. UNSPECIFIED.

Giulini, Domenico (2015) Energy-Momentum Tensors and Motion in Special Relativity. Springer Verlag, Heidelberg.

Goldenberg, Maya J. (2015) Whose Social Values? Evaluating Canada’s “Death of Evidence” Controversy. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Green, Sara (2015) Can biological complexity be reverse engineered? [Published Article or Volume]

Green, Sara (2015) Revisiting generality in the life sciences: Systems biology and the quest for general principles. [Published Article or Volume]

Greenstein, Noah (2015) General Relativistic Biology. [Preprint]

Griffiths, Paul E. and Pocheville, Arnaud and Calcott, Brett and Stotz, Karola and Kim, Hyunju and Knight, Rob (2015) Measuring Causal Specificity. Supplementary Online Materials. UNSPECIFIED.

Guay, Alexandre and Pradeu, Thomas (2015) To Be Continued: The Genidentity of Physical and Biological Processes. [Published Article or Volume]

Gwiazda, Jeremy (2015) The Future of the Concept of Infinite Number. [Preprint]

Gyenis, Zalán and Rédei, Miklós and Hofer-Szabó, Gábor (2015) Conditioning using conditional expectations: The Borel-Kolmogorov Paradox. [Preprint]

Gábor, Hofer-Szabó (2015) Relating Bell's local causality to the Causal Markov Condition. [Preprint]

Gómez-Torrente, Mario (2015) On the Essence and Identity of Numbers. [Published Article or Volume]


Halvorson, Hans (2015) Scientific Theories. [Preprint]

Halvorson, Hans and Tsementzis, Dimitris (2015) Categories of scientific theories. [Preprint]

Harp, Randall and Khalifa, Kareem (2015) Why Pursue Unification? A Social-Epistemological Puzzle. [Published Article or Volume]

Healey, Richard A. (2015) Quantum States as Informational Bridges. [Preprint]

Heesen, Remco (2015) Communism and the Incentive to Share in Science. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Heesen, Remco (2015) How Much Evidence Should One Collect? [Published Article or Volume]

Heesen, Remco (2015) The Young-(Helmholtz)-Maxwell Theory of Color Vision. [Preprint]


Hey, Spencer Phillips (2015) Judging Quality and Coordination in Biomarker Diagnostic Development. [Published Article or Volume]

Hicks, Daniel (2015) Epistemological Depth in a GM Crops Controversy. [Preprint]

Hochstein, Eric (2015) Giving up on Convergence and Autonomy: Why the Theories of Psychology and Neuroscience are Codependent as well as Irreconcilable. [Published Article or Volume]

Hochstein, Eric (2015) One mechanism, many models: a distributed theory of mechanistic explanation. [Published Article or Volume]

Huber, Franz (2015) How to Learn Concepts, Consequences, and Conditionals. [Preprint]

Hubert, Mario (2015) Quantity of Matter or Intrinsic Property: Why Mass Cannot Be Both. [Preprint]

Huggett, Nick (2015) Target Space ≠ Space. [Preprint]


Ibarra, Andoni and Corredor, Cristina and Iranzo, Valeraino (2015) Letter from the Editors. [Published Article or Volume]

Iseda, Tetsuji (2015) Bayesianism as a Set of Meta-criteria and Its Social Application. [Published Article or Volume]

Ivanova, Milena (2015) Conventionalism about what? Where Duhem and Poincaré part ways. [Published Article or Volume]

Ivanova, Milena (2015) Conventionalism, structuralism and neo-Kantianism in Poincaré׳s philosophy of science. [Published Article or Volume]

Ivanova, Milena and Farr, Matt (2015) Conventional Principles in Science: On the Foundations and Development of the Relativized A Priori. [Published Article or Volume]


Jansson, Lina and Saatsi, Juha (2015) Explanatory Abstractions. [Preprint]


Karpus, Jurgis and Radzvilas, Mantas (2015) Team Reasoning and a Rank-Based Function of Team's Interests. [Preprint]

Kersten, Luke and Davis, Laura (2015) From Word to Practice: Eugenic Language in Sterilization Legislation in North America (1905-1945). In: UNSPECIFIED.

Klevgard, Paul A. (2015) The Paradigm of Projectile Motion and its Consequences for Special Relativity. Making Sense of Physics. [Preprint]

Kominsky, Jonathan and Phillips, Jonathan and Gerstenberg, Tobias and Lagnado, David and Knobe, Joshua (2015) Causal Superseding. [Published Article or Volume]

Kostyrka, Gladys (2015) Disease ecology and the concept of emerging infectious disease: its impact on the epidemiology of rabies virus, 1990s-2010s. [Preprint]

Kostyrka, Gladys (2015) Interspecies transmission and viral epidemics: integration of molecular and ecological approaches in the epidemiology of two RNA viruses (1989-2010s). [Preprint]

Krause, Decio and Arenhart, Jonas R. B. (2015) A logical account of superpositions. [Preprint]

Krause, Décio and Arenhart, Jonas R. B. (2015) Is identity really so fundamental? [Preprint]

Krause, Décio and Arenhart, Jonas R. B. (2015) Presenting Nonreflexive Quantum Mechanics: Formalism and Metaphysics. [Preprint]

Krause, Décio and Arenhart, Jonas R. B. and da Costa, Newton C. A. (2015) Ontology and the mathematization of the scientific enterprise. [Preprint]

Krieger, Martin (2015) Why are there so many solutions to the two-dimensional Ising model? UNSPECIFIED.


Lam, Vincent (2015) Primitive ontology and quantum field theory. [Preprint]

Landsman, Klaas (2015) On the notion of free will in the Free Will Theorem. [Preprint]

Landsman, Klaas (2015) The fine-tuning argument. [Preprint]

Laudisa, Federico (2015) Is really science what naturalism says it is? [Preprint]

Laudisa, Federico (2015) Laws are not descriptions. [Preprint]

Laurenz, Hudetz (2015) Linear structures, causal sets and topology. [Preprint]

Lawhead, Jon (2015) Structural Modeling Error and the System Individuation Problem. [Preprint]

Lehmkuhl, Dennis (2015) The Metaphysics of Super-Substantivalism. [Preprint]

Lewis, Peter J. (2015) In search of local beables. [Preprint]

Linquist, Stefan (2015) Against Lawton’s contingency thesis, or, why the reported demise of community ecology is greatly exaggerated. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Linquist, Stefan and Cottenie, Karl and Elliott, Tyler and Saylor, Brent and Kremer, Stefan and Gregory, T. Ryan (2015) Applying ecological models to communities of genetic elements: the case of neutral theory. [Preprint]

Lisciandra, Chiara (2015) Robustness Analysis and Tractability in Modeling. [Preprint]

List, Christian (2015) What is it like to be a group agent? [Preprint]

List, Christian (2015) What’s wrong with the consequence argument: In defence of compatibilist libertarianism. [Preprint]

List, Christian and Pivato, Marcus (2015) Dynamic and stochastic systems as a framework for metaphysics and the philosophy of science. [Preprint]

List, Christian and Pivato, Marcus (2015) Emergent Chance. [Published Article or Volume]

Liu, Chuang (2015) Symbolic versus Modelistic Elements in Scientific Modeling. [Published Article or Volume]

Livengood, Jonathan and Rose, David (2015) Experimental Philosophy and Causal Attribution. [Preprint]

Lombardi, Olimpia and López, Cristian and Fortin, Sebastian (2015) No information without manipulation. [Preprint]

Lutz, Sebastian (2015) Partial Model Theory as Model Theory. [Published Article or Volume]

Lutz, Sebastian (2015) What Was the Syntax-Semantics Debate in the Philosophy of Science About? [Preprint]


Mahootian, Farzad (2015) Metaphor in Chemistry: An Examination of Chemical Metaphor. [Published Article or Volume]

Manchak, John Byron (2015) Epistemic "Holes" in Spacetime. [Preprint]

Manchak, John Byron (2015) Is the Universe As Large As It Can Be? [Preprint]

Manchak, John Byron (2015) On Gödel and the Ideality of Time. [Preprint]

Marcos, Alfredo (2015) Atocha Aliseda. 2014. La Lógica como herramienta de la razón. Razonamiento ampliativo en la creatividad, la cognición y la inferencia. [Published Article or Volume]

Marcus, Russell (2015) The Eleatic and the Indispensabilist. [Published Article or Volume]

McCoy, C.D. (2015) An Alternative Interpretation of Probability Measures in Statistical Mechanics. [Preprint]

McCoy, C.D. (2015) Does Inflation Solve the Hot Big Bang Model’s Fine Tuning Problems? [Published Article or Volume]

McCoy, C.D. (2015) Prediction in General Relativity. [Preprint]

Miller, Michael (2015) Haag's theorem, apparent inconsistency, and the empirical adequacy of quantum field theory. [Preprint]

Miller, Michael (2015) The origins of Schwinger's Euclidean Green's functions. [Published Article or Volume]

Millstein, Roberta L. (2015) Is Aldo Leopold's 'Land Community' an Individual? In: UNSPECIFIED.

Millstein, Roberta L. (2015) Re-examining the Darwinian Basis for Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic. [Preprint]

Millstein, Roberta L. (2015) Thinking about populations and races in time. [Published Article or Volume]

Mizrahi, Moti (2015) Historical Inductions, Unconceived Alternatives, and Unconceived Objections. [Preprint]

Mizrahi, Moti (2015) Historical Inductions: New Cherries, Same Old Cherry-Picking. [Preprint]

Myrvold, Wayne C. (2015) Lessons of Bell's Theorem: Nonlocality, yes; Action at a distance, not necessarily. [Preprint]

Müller, Thomas and Placek, Tomasz (2015) Defining determinism. [Preprint]


Nguyen, D. N. (2015) Arrows without time: a shape-dynamic account of the time-asymmetry of causation. [Preprint]

Niestegge, Gerd (2015) Non-classical conditional probability and the quantum no-cloning theorem. [Published Article or Volume]

Norton, John D. (2015) The Ideal of the Completeness of Calculi of Inductive Inference: An Introductory Guide to its Failure. [Preprint]

Norton, Joshua (2015) Loop quantum ontology: spin-networks and spacetime. [Preprint]

Norton, John D. (2015) Replicability of Experiment. [Published Article or Volume]

Nugayev, Rinat (2015) Immanuel Kant and Einstein's 1905 Revolution. [Preprint]

Näger, Paul M (2015) A Stronger Bell Argument for (Some Kind of) Parameter Dependence. [Preprint]


O'Connor, Cailin (2015) Evolving Perceptual Categories. [Published Article or Volume]

O'Connor, Cailin (2015) Evolving to Generalize: Trading Precision for Speed. [Preprint]

Odenbaugh, Jay (2015) Human Nature, Anthropology, and the Problem of Variation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Okon, Elias and Sudarsky, Daniel (2015) The Black Hole Information Paradox and the Collapse of the Wave Function. [Preprint]

Okon, Elias and Sudarsky, Daniel (2015) The Consistent Histories Formalism and the Measurement Problem. [Preprint]

Okon, Elias and Sudarsky, Daniel (2015) Less Decoherence and More Coherence in Quantum Gravity, Inflationary Cosmology and Elsewhere. [Preprint]

Otsuka, Jun (2015) A critical review of the statisticalist debate. [Preprint]


Pashby, Thomas (2015) Taking Times Out: Tense Logic as a Theory of Time. [Published Article or Volume]

Pashby, Thomas (2015) Understanding Russell's Response to Newman. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Patton, Lydia (2015) Incommensurability and the Bonfire of the Meta-Theories: Response to Mizrahi. [Published Article or Volume]

Patton, Lydia (2015) Methodological Realism and Modal Resourcefulness: Out of the Web and Into the Mine. [Preprint]

Pedersen, Arthur Paul and Wheeler, Gregory (2015) Dilation, Disintegrations, and Delayed Decisions. [Published Article or Volume]

Pence, Charles H. (2015) Charles Darwin and Sir John F. W. Herschel: Nineteenth-Century Science and its Methodology. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Penchev, Vasil (2015) Quantum information as the information of infinite series. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Pero, Francesca and Suárez, Mauricio (2015) Varieties of Misrepresentation and Homomorphism. [Published Article or Volume]

Peterson, Daniel (2015) Prospects for a New Account of Time Reversal. [Preprint]

Pietsch, Wolfgang (2015) Causal Interpretations of Probability. [Preprint]

Pitts, J. Brian (2015) Space-time Philosophy Reconstructed via Massive Nordström Scalar Gravities? Laws vs. Geometry, Conventionality, and Underdetermination. [Preprint]

Plutynski, Anya (2015) William Provine (1942-2015). [Published Article or Volume]

Pombo, Claudia (2015) Differentiation with stratification: a principle of theoretical physics in the tradition of the memory art. [Preprint]

Pooley, Oliver (2015) Background Independence, Diffeomorphism Invariance, and the Meaning of Coordinates. [Preprint]

Psillos, Stathis (2015) Broken structuralism. [Preprint]

Psillos, Stathis (2015) Evidence: Wanted, alive or dead. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Psillos, Stathis (2015) Having Science in View: General Philosophy of Science and its Significance. [Preprint]

Punin, Peter (2015) A Defense of Scientific Platonism without Metaphysical Presuppositions. [Preprint]


ROVELLI, Carlo (2015) Is Time’s Arrow Perspectival? [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2015) Michelangelo's Stone: an Argument against Platonism in Mathematics. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2015) Michelangelo’s Stone: an Argument against Platonism in Mathematics. [Preprint]

ROVELLI, Carlo (2015) An argument against the realistic interpretation of the wave function. [Preprint]

Raerinne, Jani and Baedke, Jan (2015) Exclusions, Explanations, and Exceptions: On the Causal and Lawlike Status of the Competitive Exclusion Principle. [Published Article or Volume]

Ramsey, Grant (2015) Can altruism be unified? [Preprint]

Ramsey, Grant (2015) The Causal Structure of Evolutionary Theory. [Published Article or Volume]

Ramsey, Grant and De Block, Andreas (2015) Is cultural fitness hopelessly confused? [Preprint]

Rayo, Agustín (2015) Essence Without Fundamentality. [Published Article or Volume]

Reutlinger, Alexander (2015) Is There A Monist Theory of Causal and Non-Causal Explanations? The Counterfactual Theory of Scientific Explanation. [Preprint]

Rex, Roger and Abrantes, Paulo (2015) Some controversies around moral nativism. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Ribas, Pedro (2015) Carlos París (1925-2014). In memoriam. [Published Article or Volume]

Romano, Davide (2015) Bohmian Classical Limit in Bounded Regions. [Preprint]

Rosaler, Joshua (2015) "Formal" vs. "Empirical" Approaches to Quantum-Classical Reduction. [Published Article or Volume]

Rosaler, Joshua (2015) Interpretation Neutrality in the Classical Domain of Quantum Theory. [Preprint]

Rosaler, Joshua (2015) Interpretation Neutrality in the Classical Domain of Quantum Theory. [Published Article or Volume]

Rosaler, Joshua (2015) Local Reduction in Physics. [Preprint]

Rosaler, Joshua (2015) Local Reduction in Physics. [Published Article or Volume]

Rosenstock, Sarita and Barrett, Thomas William and Weatherall, James Owen (2015) On Einstein Algebras and Relativistic Spacetimes. [Preprint]

Rosenstock, Sarita and Weatherall, James Owen (2015) A Categorical Equivalence between Generalized Holonomy Maps on a Connected Manifold and Principal Connections on Bundles over that Manifold. [Preprint]

Ross, Lauren N. (2015) Causal Control: A Rationale for Causal Selection. [Preprint]

Rubin, Hannah and Bruner, Justin and O'Connor, Cailin and Huttegger, Simon (2015) Communication Without the Cooperative Principle: A Signaling Experiment. UNSPECIFIED.

Räz, Tim (2015) Gone Till November: A disagreement in Einstein scholarship. [Preprint]

Räz, Tim (2015) Review: Noson S. Yanofsky (2013): The Outer Limits of Reason. What Science, Mathematics, and Logic Cannot Tell Us. [Published Article or Volume]

Räz, Tim and Sauer, Tilman (2015) Outline of a dynamical inferential conception of the application of mathematics. [Published Article or Volume]

Rédei, Miklós and Gyenis, Zalán (2015) General properties of general Bayesian learning. [Preprint]


Saatsi, Juha (2015) Historical inductions, Old and New. [Preprint]

Saatsi, Juha (2015) Models, Idealisations, and Realism. [Preprint]

Saatsi, Juha (2015) On Explanations from 'Geometry of Motion'. [Preprint]

Saatsi, Juha (2015) Replacing Recipe Realism. [Preprint]

Samaroo, Ryan (2015) Friedman's Thesis. [Preprint]

Samaroo, Ryan (2015) There is No Conspiracy of Inertia. [Preprint]

Schupbach, Jonah N. (2015) The Possibility of Coherentism and the Stringency of Ceteris Paribus Conditions. [Published Article or Volume]

Schurz, Gerhard (2015) Causality and Unification: How Causality Unifies Statistical Regularities. [Published Article or Volume]

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