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Fletcher, Samuel C. and Knobe, Joshua and Wheeler, Gregory and Woodcock, Brian A. (2021) Changing Use of Formal Methods in Philosophy: Late 2000s vs. Late 2010s. [Preprint]

Wheeler, Gregory (2021) Discounting Desirable Gambles. [Preprint]

Wheeler, Gregory and Cozman, Fabio (2020) On the Imprecision of Full Conditional Probabilities. [Preprint]

Wheeler, Gregory (2016) Machine Epistemology and Big Data. [Preprint]

Mayo-Wilson, Conor and Wheeler, Gregory (2016) Scoring Imprecise Credences: A Mildly Immodest Proposal. [Preprint]

Wheeler, Gregory and Elkin, Lee (2016) Resolving Peer Disagreement Through Imprecise Probabilities. [Preprint]

Mayo-Wilson, Conor and Wheeler, Gregory (2015) Epistemic Decision Theory’s Reckoning. [Preprint]

Pedersen, Arthur Paul and Wheeler, Gregory (2014) Demystifying Dilation. [Preprint]

Wheeler, Gregory (2014) Is there a logic of information? [Preprint]

Wheeler, Gregory (2012) Objective Bayesian calibration and the problem of non-convex evidence. [Preprint]

Wheeler, Gregory and Barahona, Pedro (2012) Why the hardest logic puzzle ever cannot be solved in less than three questions. [Preprint]

Wheeler, Gregory (2011) Formal Epistemology. [Preprint]

Wheeler, Gregory (2011) Formal Epistemology. [Preprint]

Kovalerchuk, Boris and Perlovsky, Leonid and Wheeler, Gregory (2011) Modeling of Phenomena and Dynamic Logic of Phenomena. [Preprint]

Schlosshauer, Maximilian and Wheeler, Gregory (2010) Focused Correlation, confirmation, and the jigsaw puzzle of variable evidence. [Preprint]

Wheeler, Gregory and Scheines, Richard (2010) Causation, Association, and Confirmation. [Preprint]

Published Article or Volume

Pedersen, Arthur Paul and Wheeler, Gregory (2015) Dilation, Disintegrations, and Delayed Decisions. 9th International Symposium on Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications (ISIPTA 2015). pp. 227-236.

Wheeler, Gregory (2013) Models, Models, and Models. Metaphilosophy.


Wheeler, Gregory (2015) Logic for Lunatics. UNSPECIFIED.

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