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Petkov, Vesselin (2023) Relativistic Mass is an Experimental Fact. [Preprint]

Petkov, Vesselin (2020) Neither Presentism nor Eternalism -- at What Price? [Preprint]

Petkov, Vesselin (2017) Might have Minkowski discovered the cause of gravitation before Einstein? [Preprint]

Petkov, Vesselin (2016) Is Gravitation Interaction or just Curved-Spacetime Geometry? [Preprint]

Petkov, Vesselin (2012) Spacetime and Reality: Facing the Ultimate Judge. [Preprint]

Petkov, Vesselin (2008) Conventionality of Simultaneity and Reality. [Preprint]

Petkov, Vesselin (2005) Is There an Alternative to the Block Universe View? [Preprint]

Petkov, Vesselin (2002) Lorentz contraction and dimensionality of reality. [Preprint]

Published Article or Volume

Petkov, Vesselin (2023) The Quadruple Scientific Tragedy involved in the Discovery of Spacetime Physics. The Origin of Spacetime Physics (2nd ed.). pp. 257-276. ISSN ISBN: 978-1-989970-99-7


Petkov, Vesselin (2007) Relativity, Dimensionality, and Existence. UNSPECIFIED.

Petkov, Vesselin (2002) Lorentz contraction and dimensionality of reality. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Petkov, Vesselin On Relativistic Mass. UNSPECIFIED.

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